About Us

The Answer to your Investigative Needs

Guaranteed Investigation’s asset-investigation methodology utilizes comprehensive information searches to identify potential assets held by individuals and/or businesses who are attempting to avoid their legal obligations to pay. Investigations may trace assets or funds legitimately obtained by the individual or business, or obtained through wrongful means such as Fraud, Theft, Embezzlement, Misappropriation, or any other financial crime.

Each investigation is supported by highly experienced professionals who provide detailed technical and analytical research that facilitates the tracking of assets, as well as the asset’s disposition.

Our professionals are experienced in:
• Regulatory compliance and consulting
• Anti-money laundering solutions, procedures and training
• Risk assessment and management
• Global intelligence

These fields are necessary in today’s economic climate, which has seen an unprecedented explosion of international financial irregularities, to fully assess the dynamics surrounding each asset.
Our team provides a thorough analysis and evaluation of the assets, so that the client can makes its own strategic decisions on the assets’ recovery.
Asset Research and Recovery