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The Answer to your Investigative Needs

The progressive use of technology in all phases of the business and corporate world has lead to an increased demand for the retrieval, analysis and collection of electronic data relating to litigation, investigations, regulatory and compliance matters.

Guaranteed Investigations is fully committed to providing the highest quality of electronic data discovery (E-Discovery). Our data forensics partners have significant experience working with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and are veterans in the collection, analysis, and legal disposition of all manners of electronic evidence. Our team provides the following:
Digital Foreniscs
Locate electronic evidence that are relevant to litigation or discovery requests
Locate electronic evidence from computer electronic storage media utilizing state-of-the-art computer hardware and software
Preserve the relevant electronic evidence and documents
Review the collected electronic information and documents to determine what portions are relevant
Sort privileged electronic information and records and create appropriate logs in compliance with best practices
Prepare a written report containing relevant information and evidence in a cost effective manner

Computer & Cell Phone Forensics:
Email data recovery in compliance with industry best practices
Evidence preservation in compliance with industry best practices
Access active data files
Recover deleted data files or files lost to hardware/software malfunction
Recreate time critical events
Access password protected files / password recovery
Additional Cell Phone forensics

Electronic Investigations:
Audio/ Video phone forensics
Network forensics
Expert witness testimony
On-line review services
Internet Monitoring