About Us

The Answer to your Investigative Needs

Guaranteed Investigations’ skilled investigative professionals have significant, exclusive experience in investigating some of the most high-profile terrorist acts against both man and man-made structures. As a result, Guaranteed Investigations’ personnel have superior capabilities in providing assessments and solutions for corporations in today’s high-risk environment. After completion of our comprehensive physical security survey, we provide our clients with an evaluation of their current physical security program. In our review, we carefully analyze all areas of the facility, working from the property perimeter line, to the interior of each building, then to the high security/sensitive access areas.

Our intent is to provide clients with recommendations that fit within the company's budget and security objectives, as defined by public law, business procedures and employee expectations. Upon completion of our survey, the client will have documented for them the strengths and weaknesses of their current program, and the effective measures that can be taken to improve the program, if necessary.

A sample table of contents for a survey would include the following areas:
External Property Perimeter Including:
Parking Lots
Building Perimeter
Building Systems
Critical Areas inside the Facilities
Security Operations
Control of Property
Physical Security/Vulnerability Assessments
Employee Information:
     Access Control
     Key Control
     Guard Services
     Data Room / LAN Closet Access
     Executive Protection
     Environmental Protocols
     Emergency Response